The Maryland and Washington DC construction defect attorneys at Cowie & Mott are know for resolving construction defect disputes thoroughout the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Nicholas D. Cowie and T. Allen Mott have over 55 years combined experience practicing construction defect law and handling construction defect litigation matters. Our goal is always to resolve your case through negotiation and mediation; our experience and reputation assist us in this regard. The vast majority of construction defect disputes we handle are settled without the need for litigation. However, if it becomes necessary, Cowie & Mott is able to litigate and try your construction defect case. Mr. Cowie served as trial counsel in the case Milton Co. vs. Bentley Place in which the jury awarded $6.6 million in damages plus $500,000 in attorneys fees adapt a Developer and a general contactor for construction defects. See Article: “Jury Awards $6.6 Million in Construction Defect Case” and “MARYLAND CONSTRUCTION LAWYERS OBTAIN $6.6 MILLION JURY AWARD.” Attorney T. Allen Mott obtained a $5.6 million jury award against a national builder for construction defects. See Blog Post: “Jury Awards $5.6 Million for Defective Construction.

Cowie & Mott, P.A.’s construction litigation practice consists of experienced construction defect attorneys familiar with construction defect issues who negotiate construction defect settlements and present construction defect related issues to judges and juries. Our Maryland and Washington DC construction defect attorneys also handle construction defect cases before construction industry arbitration panels and mediators. The Maryland and Washington DC construction defect attorneys and litigation lawyers at Cowie & Mott are experienced at representing and negotiating with and on behalf of developers, general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, architects, material / equipment suppliers, construction managers and other construction industry professionals and contractors.

Cowie & Mott has a proven track record when it comes to resolving construction defect disputes arising out of faulty design, unworkmanlike construction and use of defective materials. We work with construction defect experts, engineers, architects, construction consultants and design professionals to negotiate building defect repair contracts and agreements with a defined method and scope of work for the repair of defectively constructed buildings, inspection an approval procedures of completed repair work, reimbursement of building inspection and construction consultant services, attorneys fees, defect related repair expenses, and meaningful warranties on building defect repairs and building performance.

Our construction defect attorneys and construction litigation lawyers and  have developed relationships with the regions top forensic experts and leading engineers and architects, cost estimation professionals, accountants, structural specialists as well as variety of other construction consultants and experts who work with our clients when necessary to investigate, quantify and prove or challenge allegations of construction and design defects and resulting damages. These experts include, construction accounting experts, Contractors, construction managers, and structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, fire-rated construction consultants, quality assurance and building code inspectors. Our Maryland and Washington DC construction defect attorneys are familiar with construction standards and Maryland statutory warranties and other laws that apply to construction defects in new buildiing construction, including homes and condominiums. Nicholas D. Cowie drafted, and led the effort to obtain passage of, the new statutory construction defect warranty laws applicable to homeowner and condominium associations. See our Blog Post: Construction Attorneys Enforcing Statutory Construction Defects Warranty Claims. The construction defect attorneys at Cowie & Mott assist there in determining  whether problems are caused by a design defect in plans and specifications and/or by defective and faulty workmanship. We work with a network of construction experts and cost estimators to come up with the answers are clients need to make informed decision about how to handle their case in the most economically practicable manner.

The construction defect attorneys at Cowie & Mott assit owners and managers of residential and commercial property with construction defects discovered in new construction, during or after completion, or in connection with major repair / renovation projects. Our Washington DC construction defect attorneys at Cowie & Mott are experienced in resolving construction defect disputes that arise from the faulty construction and design office buildings, apartments, homeowners and condominium associations, mixed use high rises, and warehouse facilities and site work.

In cases where negotiation of repairs is not possible, our Maryland and Washington DC construction defect attorneys will purse a construction defect litigation claim in court of law. Once suit is filed, negotiation and mediation and court ordered alternative dispute resolution result in a settlement of the most construction defect lawsuits we handle settle before trial and we have recovered millions of dollars in monetary compensation and repairs on behalf of clients. Our construction defect attorneys handle structural engineering / architectural defects and faulty workmanship and materials claims (e.g., water infiltration leaks at roofs and windows, building material failures, structural collapse, masonry and concrete deficiencies and rotted and damaged materials) and contractual disputes (e.g., delays and excessive costs resulting from defective construction and/or use of defective materials). Our reputation and experience assists us in resolving many construction disputes cases without the need for a trial or arbitration proceeding. Some example of issue we handle on include the following:

  • legal advice pertaining to applicable construction laws, including applicable building codes, ordinances, and regulations.
  • legal advice pertaining to violations of applicable building codes, industry standards, workmanship, plans and specifications, contractual obligations, and other performance standards.
  • Claims regarding defective design, including failure to provide drawings with sufficient detail and direction
  • Implied Warranty of Plans and Specifications
  • Defective construction work and unworkmanlike construction practices
  • Defective and faulty material defects
  • Design defects in construction plans and specifications
  • Unlicensed contractors
  • Misrepresentations regarding the quality or characteristics
  • Products liability claims involving construction material and products
  • Warranty claims
  • Property damages caused by defective construction and design an/or faulty materials

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COWIE & MOTT, P.A. is a construction law firm with Maryland and Washington DC construction defect attorneys and construction litigation lawyers practicing construction defect law in Maryland. The construction lawyers and construction defect attorneys at COWIE & MOTT, P.A. are known for handing complex construction law claims, including construction defect claims, design defect claims, construction defect arbitration proceedings, construction defect litigation, and other construction defect related legal disputes. The experienced Maryland and Washington DC construction defect attorneys at COWIE & MOTT, P.A. provide legal advice and legal representation to building owners, condominium associations, homeowners associations, commercial developers, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, design professionals, architects, engineers, sureties and construction lenders. Our law practice includes the entire State of Maryland and the District of Columbia (Washington DC). Our main law office is centrally located in Baltimore City, Maryland. See  and



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