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Cowie & Mott, a Washington DC Law firm with Construction Law Attorneys and Washington DC Construction Lawyers and Litigation Attorneys practicing in the District of Columbia and handling Construction legal claims

Washington DC Construction Lawyers


Cowie & Mott, P.A. is a construction law firm with experienced Maryland and Washington DC Construction Lawyers and construction litigation attorneys practicing in Washington DC (District of Columbia) and throughout the State of Maryland. Our law firm has a reputation in the construction law industry and is known for resolving construction related legal disputes. 

The Washington DC construction lawyers and Maryland construction law attorneys at Cowie & Mott represent clients in all aspects of the building and construction industry, including construction litigation, mechanic’s lien claims, delay claims, payment disputes, bond claims, construction defect claims, breach of contract claims and other construction related legal matters. In addition to representing local individuals and businesses, the Washington DC construction lawyers at Cowie & Mott represent clients from all over the United States in construction law related matters in Washington DC and the State of Maryland.

The law firm’s Maryland and Washington DC construction lawyers and construction litigation attorneys  handle construction contract claims and other construction related legal disputes involving the development, design and construction of commercial and residential buildings (high rise, mid rise, low rise and mixed use) as well as other structures such as parking facitities, bridges, roadways, site work, storm water management ponds, grading, utilities, etc. Our Washington DC construction lawyers and building construction attorneys represent real estate investors, developers, homebuilders, contractors, subcontractors, building owners,  contractors, design build contractors, construction lenders, sureties, design professionals, architects, engineers, construction equipment and material suppliers, builders, construction managers, quality assurance inspectors and other members of the construction and real estate development industries and professions. We assist in all legal aspects of commercial and residential construction and development projects. Our Washington DC construction lawyers provide construction related legal advice, negotiate construction contracts, prosecute and defend contract claims, and resolve and mediate construction disputes and construction litigation matters.

Our years of experience  in the field of construction law and construction litigation enable Cowie & Mott to handle construction litigation matters and construction related legal transactions at all levels of complexity. We have years of experience litigating, mediating and arbitrating construction disputes of all sizes. Our construction litigation and arbitration experience, provides us with a unique perspective that enables us to advise our clients as to the methods and strategies they can utilize to protect their legal rights avoid legal disputes.

Washington DC Construction Lawyers


Construction law partners Nicholas D. Cowie and T. Allen Mott have over 50 years combined experience practicing construction law, handling construction legal issues and resolving construction disputes. The firm’s Associates are also well versed in construction with substantial experience handling construction litigation claims and construction arbitration proceedings as well as the negotiation and preparation of construction contracts that protect the interests of our clients should disputes arise with payment or performance obligations arising out of a building construction project.

Nicholas D. Cowie established the “Construction Law” course at the University of Baltimore School of Law where he served as the adjunct professor of construction law. Most construction disputes we handle are resolved through mediation, without the need for drawn out litigation or trial. However, should trial become necessary, the Maryland construction lawyers at Cowie & Mott have the experience to handle your construction case. Mr. Cowie served as trial counsel in the case Milton Co. vs. Bentley Place Condominium in which a jury awarded $6.6 million against a builder for construction defects in addition to an award of $500,000 in attorneys fees. More recently, Mr. Mott obtained a $5.6 million jury award in a construction defect case against a national builder. See our Blog Post. : “Cowie & Mott Attorneys Obtain $5.6 million jury award for construction defects.”

Washington DC Construction Lawyers

Recommendations & Reviews

Below is a review of our firm’s litigation skills in handling a recent arbitration proceeding before the American Arbitration Association. The review is written by one of our building construction clients who became involved involved in a payment dispute with a nationwide retailer involving excavation contracting work performed at several commercial construction projects in the Virginia / Washington DC /  Maryland region.  The case involved a payment bond and multiple claims regarding change orders and back charges:


I am writing this email in response to the experience I have had over the past couple of months with my case and the representation by [Cowie & Mott] attorney’s ….

I never have had such a great experience with this whole process. I never would take the time to write a response like this, but I feel that it is required.

The 3 weeks we spent in the arbitrator’s office was a learning experience. I was always told what a good attorney that [the opposing party] has and I have to say, [Cowie & Mott’s attorneys] were much more prepared and much better attorneys. I would have fired the attorneys [for the opposing party] after the first day, as [Cowie & Mott’s attorneys] made them look totally incompetent.

…. I was very impressed and still cannot believe how silly they made the opposing attorneys look. Your attorneys were very well prepared and probably knew the case better than myself. I think that the most rewarding part of what I witnessed with your attorneys is the way they had every response from the opposing witness completely covered and placed so much doubt in their responses on cross with documentation. They made every witness show a lack of credibility. Your attorneys were in fact much more experienced and better understand the law then the [opposing] attorneys.

I could go on and on, but a great job needs to be acknowledged and your attorneys were the best I have ever been associated with and what a great team effort as they supported each other during the entire process. Their strategy and professionalism far exceeds anything I have ever been associated with.

Job well done ….

Thank you”

Please contact Cowie & Mott, P.A. if you are seeking a Maryland or Washington DC construction lawyer or construction litigation attorney in Maryland or the District of Columbia. We will gladly provide references or click on the google plus, linked in or facebook icons above to see posted reviews.




Washington DC Construction Lawyers and Construction Litigation Attorneys practicing Washington DC Construction Law in the District of Columbia



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